Nicaragua: Little Corn

We walked around the island to explore the different beaches, mostly in the North, in the Eastern part of the island, and the South West (cliffs) !


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Hotels & restaurants

  • Hotel : Las Palmeras
    Nice service and rooms with chairs outside. View on the ocean but no direct access to the beach but good situation to access the whole island. A bit disappointed by the food at the hotel.
  • Lighthouse hostels / restaurant
    Stop there for a drink or grab a bite when going to the Lightouse point behind the hostel to have a nice view. Hotel is apparently very nice too and you have both sunrise and sunset from your bungalows ! Led by nice French people !
  • Desideri Cucina, Café & Casalinga
    Delicious restaurant with Italian food
  • Tranquilo Café also nice
  • Yemaha Hotel : Nice beach close to the hotel but do not go there for food (overpriced for what it is)


  • North beach close to Yemaha: Very nice to lie on it (difficult on other beaches) / available there : scubadiving tours
  • West/North beaches: Very nice for the sunset
  • South west: close to many restaurants, going to the south it is very nice view (cliffs)
  • East of the Island : Nice to walk, a lot of palms (where you will find kitesurfing)
  • Lighthouse view
  • Imagine yourself on the baseball field lost in the middle of the island


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