Nicaragua : 2 weeks – best things to do !

Nicaragua landscapes consist in a mix of beautiful beaches, volcanoes, lakes, green, tropical forests and colorfull cities !

In addition, you will meet animals everywhere, speak Spanish  and travel by tuk tuk bikes, horses, motorbikes, chicken bus (old school buses) 🙂

Food is simple & ok (but definitely not the best I’ve seen), for the breakfast, you will get gallopinto (mix of beans and rice), eggs, breads and some fruits and you will drink fruit juice and of course Tona (local beer) !

They like baseball, you can find baseball fields even in the smaller cities.


Our itinerary:

  • Arrival in Managua (“Manawa”) from Paris -FR (traonsfer via Atlanta / US) – 1/2 day : Plane to Big Corn (La Costena), taxi transfer to the pangga (boat) for Little Corn Island
  • 2 days in Little Corn Island (and transfer back to Managua)
  • 2 days in Leon : Transfer Managua (UCA) to Leon via small bus, visit of Leon, visit of Volcano Telica, Afternoon in Las Penitas
  • 2 days in San Juan (scooter tour to spend times in the different beaches)
  • 2 days in Ometepe
  • 1 day in Apoyo Lagoon
  • 1 day in Granada
  • 1 afternoon in Managua


  • Possibility to climb other volcanoes in Leon (Cerro Negro to surf on it / black volcano / no lava visible), in Granada (Masaya: for the lava but only 15min on the top and crowded) and Ometepe (Maderas and Concepcion)
  • While in Granada, day-trip possible for volcano Masaya and Isletas (boat trip accross small islands in the Nica lake)
  • On the Carribean Coast, an alternative to Corn Islands is Pearl Lagoon and you can also do boat trips from Blufields to the North or cruise on San Juan river in the south (we did not have the time to do it)

More pictures and tips on the following articles !

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